Saturday, May 21, 2016

On the Beat With Michael Zapcic and Ming Chen at Motor City Comic Con 2016

How cool are Michael Zapcic and Ming Chen?  Very cool, despite describing themselves as comic book nerds.
I contacted both men about interviews at the Motor City Comic Con 2016.  Michael responded positively, but I did not hear back from Ming. At the con, I approached Michael and he was totally gracious and willing to do it right then.  Ming asked about the interview and I explained I tried reaching him.  He apparently never got my message, but still jumped in on the interview.  This was a classy move on his part.  What happened during the interview was pure gold.
These guys made my job easy.  They took it and ran with it.  They discussed their start, the lamest superheroes and other fun topics.
On the subject of lame Superheroes, I had to ask them about Aquaman, who often makes it onto lists of lame Superheroes.  They totally disagreed about Aquaaman being lame.  Finally some validation and from two experts.  I love these guys!
They are Comic Book Men, podcasters and pop culture ramblers.  Actually, they are everyting I want Johngy's Beat to be.  For now, I will settle for them appearing on Johngy's Beat!
You can learn more about them and be entertained greatly at  You should also follow Ming on Twitter and Mike on Twitter for updates and more fun.
Thank you very much to the Motor City Comic Con for their hospitality.  A special big thanks to Michael and Ming for their time and for being great guys!

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