Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Motor City Comic Con 2016 Recapped

Another year of the Motor City Comic Con is in the books and it was awesome.  My full recap can be found on the Novi Patch at The Motor City Comic Con Was Epic!
I have been going to the MCCC since 2007 and I honestly believe this was the best and biggest one yet.  A few years ago, due to some big name celebrity guests and the huge attendance they drew, the MCCC had some major issues with lines and parking.  In fact, the MCCC was torched a bit on social media.  While the situation was bad, the con was still great and it was the unexpected level of attendees which caused the situation.
In any case, the MCCC organization addressed the parking and the lines.  This year they had a little glitch in parking, but the whole situation was much improved and effort was seen.  I applaud the MCCC for the strides they have made.
This goes a long way to making the MCCC an elite convention.  I really think it took a step into that category this year.  Huge celebrity guests, hundreds of artists and vendors and a very organized and helpful staff combined to raise the bar at MCCC.
I look forward to things getting bigger and better.  Most impiortant, I look forward to being there again and again.
Thank you to the entire Motor City Comic Con organization.  Thanks, too, to Cuzz Gekas for his valuable logistical skills.
Cuzz Gekas and me in Novi, MI-May 2016.

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