Friday, June 17, 2016

Cindy Williams at Motor City Comic Con 2011

American Graffiti starred so many actors and actresses who went on to fame.  One of the more under-the-radar stars was Cindy Williams.
Williams went on to appear in many roles in episodes of tv classics such as Room 222, Nanny and the Professor and Love, American Style, before finding huge success on Laverne & Shirley.
Cuzz Gekas and I met Williams at the Motor City Comic Con back in 2011.  She was charming and delightful.  We talked a bit about her famous roles.  Of course, I had to bring up her role in Beware! The Blob, a horror classic I have seen many times.
Williams looked great, too.  It also appeared that her looks were (at least mostly) natural.  She still retains that youthful look she always had.  It was a real pleasure meeting her.
On a side trivia note, Williams was married to Bill Hudson, of the Hudson Brothers.  Bill is the uncle of actress Kate Hudson.
Cuzz Gekas, Cindy Williams and me in Novi, MI-May 2011.


Jean Parker said...

Great picture!

Fuji said...

Awesome. Had a huge crush on her when I was five years old watching Laverne and Shirley.