Saturday, June 18, 2016

Johngy Got Whiplash (Or Whiplash Got Johngy)

Many old friends turned out to support PL Myers at the "Benefit For Thailand Volunteer Work" benefiting his step-daughter Desire.  PL had a lengthy and successful career in wrestling and former allies and foes all came.
One of those people was The Wrestler Formerly Known As Whiplash.  In other names, James Riggio was in attendance.
As Whiplash, Riggio delighted wrestling fans for years.  He was a multi-time, multi-title champ at PCW, where I first met him.  He was always good for an exciting match and a fun interview.
Riggio hung up his wrestling boots a little while ago.  He now spends his free time running obstacle courses and he appears to be in great shape.
It was fun catching up with Riggio.  It was even more fun, because he was sporting the Johngy shirt.
James Riggio and me in Summit, IL-February 2016.

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