Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Gary Lee Vincent at Days of the Dead

Gary Lee Vincent is an author, actor, musician and producer.  I met him at Days of the Dead, while learning all about Belly Timber, a movie project promoted by Bobby Easley.
Vincent has his hand in many projects.  In addition to Belly Timber, he his latest movies include Endor, My Uncle John is a Zombie and The Goddess.  You can learn about those movies and his other projects at
His works generally involve horror, mystery and bizarre themes, which makes him a natural fit for Days of the Dead.  It also makes him popular among fans of that area.
Vincent is also an accomplished author.  I have not yet read any of Vincent's books, but I am interested in them and will be purchasing them.  His Attack of the Melonheads sounds like the perfect title for a horror flick.  He's got a lot more books, but that will be my first choice.
He is a great guest at conventions.  With so much to offer, his versatility works well.  Plus, he is very personable.  Definitely stop by his booth if you should happen to see him at a convention.
Gary Lee Vincent and me in Indianapolis, IN-June 2015.

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