Sunday, June 12, 2016

I Found Aquaman's House!

A couple months ago, I spent time in my old neighborhood on the far south side of Chicago.  As my sister and I drove to my aunt's home (also the home where mom mom grew up), we passed a building which really caught my eye.
Back in the day, I am pretty sure it was a store, with living space in the back end for the store owners.  Now, I am not sure what the building is or if it is even in use, although I am guessing it is because the paint job looked pretty recent.
It is that paint job that grabbed my attention.  I suppose it could be just coincidence.  It's not exactly a common color theme.
I checked to see if perhaps it represented someone's nationality.  I checked country flags and found none with the yellow, orange and green combo.  That leaves me to my initial thought.
This building was painted as an homage to Aquaman, the most unsung of all Superheroes.  How could would that be if this is true?!
I am a big fan of Aquaman, but even I would not paint my house (or even one room) in the colors.  That doesn't stop me from admiring this building though.
The Aquaman House in Chicago, IL-April 2016.

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Jean Parker said...

Would just love to go inside places like that to check them out ....