Thursday, June 2, 2016

ODB Loves Johngy's Beat

At the SuperFriends Fan Fest, I saw ODB again.  The One Dirty B*tch is always a treat.  She is funny and very fan-friendly.  She also makes some outstanding barbeque sauces and hot sauces, which I got to taste at this event.
ODB is Jessica Kresa, a unique character in the world of wrestling.  ODB has won several titles in different organizations.  She doesn't have the usual female wrestler look and that is not a bad thing.  In fact, she is one of the most popular female wrestlers despite a lack of "enhancements" that others may have.  ODB needs no enhancements.  She is a "knockout" as is and she looks even better in person.  She has that aura around her.
At the fan fest, she was kind enough to take a couple moments to do a Johngy's Beat promo.  Despite being busy meeting fans, she walked all the way out of the room for a quieter place to video the promo.  That is special and was much appreciated.
I already liked and respected ODB, but I gained a little more affection for her on this day.  Thank you ODB!
You can get more info on ODB and her awesome sauces at  Check it out and try the sauces.  You will love them and her!

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