Saturday, June 4, 2016

Still With Resistance Pro

I don't remember who I contacted first, Jacques or Gabe Baron, when I was trying to get press credentials for Resistance Pro.  I know I met both on the night of RPro's debut.  (I also know that somehow, I missed the whole RPro booth at Wizard World in 2012, but that's another story.)
Despite the chaos of RPro debuting, each Baron brother spent a few minutes with me to talk about RPro and what I could possibly do with the company.  That was the start of a lot of great times with them and RPro.
I always loved the relationship and interaction of these brothers.  There were disagreements, but they were always brothers.  They worked, laughed and cried together.  They got beat up by some who left RPro (even years after they had left), but they got further embraced by those of us still with RPro.
They aren't perfect.  They made their mistakes with RPro.  If they had to do it all over again, things would be different, but there would still be mistakes.  That's life and business.
I firmly believe that these two always had the best intentions.  They always looked out for everyone involved at RPro.  I have seen their homes filled with wrestlers, instead of making them get hotel rooms.  I have seen them drive and feed wrestlers and workers.  I have seen a lot of the good they have done.  I have never seen the bad.
People criticized me for staying with RPro, but nobody ever gave me a solid reason to leave and the Baron brothers gave me every reason to stay.  They never forced my hand either.  In fact, they both made it clear that there would not be hard feelings if I left.  I didn't leave and I have no plans on leaving.  I have not regretted the choice either.
In fact, I will be at Sabotage, the next RPro show.  It's on Saturday, July 9 in Summit.  I hope to see many of my friends (especially all of my old southside friends) there.  For more info, check out
Gabe Baron, Jacques Baron and me in Lockport, IL-March 2015.

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