Saturday, July 16, 2016

On the Beat With Danielle Zymkowitz of the Chicago Bandits 2016

Today our recurring coverage of the Chicago Bandits brings us to Danielle Zymkowitz.  In her 6th season, DZ is the team veteran and she shows no signs of slowing down.
Danielle had a great career at the University of Illinois.  She broke the Illini career records for batting average (.384), hits (277), runs scored (202), stolen base attempts (106), stolen bases (91) and stolen base percentage (.858), on her way to being a 3x All-Big Ten First Team selection.  She signed with the Bandits after an open tryout.
As of this interview, DZ was on pace to have her best season in the NPF.  She is doing this, while being a team player and playing some right field, along with her usual second base.
DZ is one of the team leaders and one of the most popular players.  Her great attitude comes through clearly in the interview below.  She talks like a mature ball player.  She is willing to play right field, because the team needs her there.
We also talked about winning the championship, becoming the team veteran and other fun topics.
Of course, I had to ask her about her current cereal of choice.  The cereal question is a staple, since I read on that cereal was her favorite food.  Danielle takes my question with the right amount of humor, yet seriousness.
I also had to ask Danielle about how long she intended to play.  As always with veterans, I really hate this question, because I never want to hear that they might retire.  In no way do I want to imply that she is thinking about retiring, but when the years start piling up, it is always a question out there.  We lost Amber Patton and Tammy Williams during the last offseason.  I hope Danielle plays several more years.  I also look forward to asking that cereal question again.
For more info on Danielle and the rest of the team, head over to  Also, be sure to check back here for our continuing coverage of the Bandits.

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