Tuesday, August 2, 2016

On the Beat With Coach Roman Foore of the Chicago Bandits 2016

Today, on the Chicago Bandits beat, the Johngy's Beat spotlight shines on Coach Roman Foore.  In his third season with the Bandits, Coach Roman seems as happy and dedicated as ever.
Roman has a long resume of coaching and playing.  Aside from coaching the Bandits, he has also coached on the collegiate level.  His experience serves the Bandits well.
This time, we took our interview outside.  We talked to Roman about the current status of the mustache.  Along with Manager Mike Steuerwald, Coach Roman's mustache is in the hands of the Bandits players, so to speak, but I'll let him explain it.
I also asked him about coaching women.  To those unfamiliar with the Bandits, coaching "girls" somehow seems less important than coaching me.  Once people come out to the ballpark and see the level of play, that opinion alwatys changes, even from the most diehard male sports fans.  Still, I wanted to hear Coach Roman's take on it and I could not agree more.
I also asked him about the rumor of him pursuing the vacant General Manager position with the Minnesota Twins (his home area team).  (Okay, it is a rumor started by JohngysBeat.com, but Coach Roman obliged me nonetheless).  I do appreciate him just rolling with it (and I think we both might have been only half-kidding).
He also talked about the challenges and rewards of this season.  It is clear that he enjoys what he does.  We're just happy to have him here!
For more info on Coach Roman and the Bandits, check out ChicagoBandits.com.  Also, check back here for our recurring coverage!

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