Thursday, January 12, 2017

Congratulations to CJ Lunde (aka Thunderkitty)

I first saw Thunderkitty at Resistance Pro in early 2012.  She had a unique look, unique music and a unique style.  She was sort of a throwback or old school. interviewed her and that first interview with her can be found at On the Beat With Thunderkitty.
She wrestled several more times at RPro and of course, she wrestled a lot all over the place.  She seemed to be a student of the game.
Wrestling is hard and odd.  Who knows exactly what it takes to make it to the big time?  I have seen a lot of talented wrestlers in Chicago and a few have made it to the big companies.  Things have started to improve in that area though.  Lately, I have seen more familiar faces on television.  The most recent was a couple nights ago when I saw Thunderkitty (or should I say CJ Lunde?) on WWE Smackdown.
Lunde lost her match to Carmella (with interference from Carmella's manager).  That loss is insignificant.  All that matters is Thunderkitty had made it.  Even if it was a one time performance, TK made it to the big time, where so few make it.
Congratulations to my friend TK.  Your hard work has paid off.  I hope you celebrate that "loss," because it was a huge "win" in my book.
Thunderkitty and me in Chicago, IL-May 2012.

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Eric C. Loy said...

Had a chance to meet her and commentate a match of hers downstate in Mattoon. Nice lady.