Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Milo Ventimiglia at Wizard World Chicago 2016

Milo Ventimiglia has been acting for over 20 years.  My favorite role of his was his portrayal of Robert Balboa in Rocky Balboa.  Many others might remember him fondly for his role on tv's Gilmore Girls or any of his other many roles.
I first met Milo at Wizard World in 2015.  Last year, as I approached him, he recalled our meeting in 2015.  It's not that rare for a celeb to remember meeting a fan, but I only met him once and he remembered where, too.  That was pretty impressive, but as I talked more with him, it made sense.
Milo really gets to know each fan.  It goes beyond simply interaction.  He takes time to actually have a short conversation with each fan.  Time constraints obviously limit his ability to have lengthy chats, but he makes the most of the limited time.
He asked me about coming to Wizard World.  We talked about his role as Balboa Jr.  We also talked about his workout regmin.  The guy is rock solid buff.
Then when it is time for the pictures, he handles the selfie duty.  It kind of surprised me, but actually it is probably easier for him to do this, as opposed to watching as fans fumble with their phone cams.  It gets better though.  He snaps a couple shots, then tells you to make a face.  A few crazy face pictures later, the encounter ends with a warm handshake or hug.
It's pleasurable experiences like this that keep me going to Wizard World.  It is also because of this, I will keep visiting Milo at his booth.
Milo Ventimiglia and me in Chicago, IL-August 2016.


The Lost Collector said...

Very cool! I'm a big fan of his.

Brett Alan said...

His new show This Is Us is the best new show of the season, or the last couple seasons for that matter.

Jean Parker said...

Heard a lot of good things about his new show This is Us ... I better check it out. Very nice that he handles the camera for you!!