Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mick Foley (and Liza) at Days of the Dead Louisville 2016

Liza might state that she is the bigger star in this picture with Mick Foley and her tiara certainly lends credibility to that claim.  Actually, her Hardcore title belt adds to her legend.  Mick has his own belt and Mr. Socko though.  It's a tough call.
Liza was such a trooper on this trip.  Despite not being a huge wrestling fan or even a huge fan of conventions and despite her recent back surgery, she hung tough throughout the Days of the Dead weekend.
It was a real highlight seeing her wear Road Warrior Animal's shoulder pads (as I wrote a while back).  Just as entertaining was her holding Mick's title belt and posing with the Hardcore Legend himself.  Plus their interaction was priceless.  Liza really made this convention a hit for me.  I will never stop smiling at the pictures with her at the convention.
Liza Nolan, Mick Foley and me in Louisville, KY-September 2016.

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