Monday, February 6, 2017

Mascot Week: Friendly Encounters: JayHawk Evans and Hammy Hog

Friendly Encounters is a regular series about my friends who have met celebrities.  In continuing our theme, this is a Mascot Week edition of Friendly Encounters.

My great friend JayHawk Evans (aka Jason Fleigel) is celebrating his birthday later this week.  We will celebrate with him then, but I am also featuring him today.
JayHawk has joined me several times in covering the Rockford IceHogs.  At one of those games, he met Hammy Hog, the mascot of the IceHogs.  Knowing JayHawk's passion for bacon, this was particularly interesting to me.  I am happy to report that JayHawk remained professional and there were no incidents.
You will notice the huge smile on his face though.  Aside from his wedding and the birth of his daughter, I have never seen him that giddy.  I guess when he is that near that much potential bacon, he just looks that way.  Thank goodness there was no may around.
To meet Hammy and to get more info on the Rockford IceHogs, check out  As a friendly Johngy's Beat tip, Hammy can usually be found pre-game in the north concourse on the second level.  JayHawk can usually be found pre-game getting a pulled pork sandwich (sorry Hammy).
Jason Fleigel and Hammy in Rockford, IL-October 2015.

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