Saturday, August 26, 2017

James Finn Garner at Wizard World Chicago 2015

Sometimes it is just random luck which leads to friendships and good memories.  Such has been my experience with Chicago-based author James Finn Garner.
At C2E2 several years ago, we interviewed JFG because his Rex Koko book intrigued me.  I had never seen any clown noir prior.  I have since learned there is more clown noir out there, but I will maintain that JFG puts out the best.
Since then, I have met him many times at various conventions.  He is usually with fellow Chicagoan Paul Erickson (the World's Foremost Nerd Parodist).  Together they are pure gold.
JFG is usually dressed in full Rex Koko garb (and he has a large bowl of circus peanuts to complete the effect).  I have often told him that in a convention full of colorful characters, he always stands out.  I always look forward to reconnecting with JFG (and Paul, for that matter).
You can follow James Finn Garner on twitter to get all of his musings.  You can also check out, to get more updates on Rex Koko and his other projects.  If you're in the Chicago area this weekend, check out JFG and lots of other great creative folks at Wizard World.
There is a lot more to this man than a ragged raincoat!  I'm not just promoting a pal either.  I have the entire Rex Koko series and I look forward to more Rex Koko adventures.
James Finn Garner and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2015.

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