Friday, October 6, 2017

Christina Von Eerie "The American Nightmare"

Christina Von Eerie is also known as "The American Nightmare."  While she might be a nightmare to opponents, she is a dream to most fans.
From her debut in 2006, CVE has wrestled all over the world, including a recent stint in Global Force Wrestling/Impact Wrestling.  Mostly she can be found on the independent circuit.  That is where I first met and interviewed her.  My interview with CVE can be found at On the Beat With Christina Von Eerie.
CVE has the look, charisma and talent to make it in the WWE.  I'm not just being a biased fanboy either.  Watch any of hjer videos and you will see how good she is.
She doesn't wrestle much in the Chicago area.  Scheduling conflicts have prevented me from seeing her last few matches here.  I really want to see her in action again.
A recent development in her life was a very happy one.  CVE married Scotty Mac.  Her various social media posts were filled with happiness.  It was good to see.
Despite the wedded bliss, she is not softening.  CVE will still be herself in the ring.
I highly encourage everyone to check out her matches on YouTube or (even better) in person.  You can also follow her at CVEvil_138 on twitter.
Christina Von Eerie and me in Berwyn, IL-October 2012.

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