Thursday, October 5, 2017

Victor Dandridge at Wizard World Columbus 2016

Over the years of covering Wizard World, I have met hundreds of creators.  While they are all very talented and friendly, there are a handful who I view as special.  Readers of my site know that Victor Dandridge is one of those special creators.
Victor is the creator-owner of Vantage: Inhouse Productions, publisher of "thought-provoking and inspiring" works.  V:IP has put out several very popular and highly-praised series, including The Samaritan.  
Dandridge and V:IP also give back to the industry.  Their U Cre-8 comics brand "aims to encourage and inspire future creators" by trying to couple comics with classroom fundamentals.
Victor is an interesting guy.  He's got a lot happening, always having some project in the works.  He's talented, funny, fan-friendly and just a good dude.  He's one of my favorite creators and I always catch up with him at his comic con appearances.
You can follow Victor and V:IP on twitter.  Also, check him out at a comic con, if you have the chance.
Victor Dandridge and me in Columbus, OH-August 2016.

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