Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Birthday Cuzz

Today I celebrate the birthday of my dear friend Cuzz (aka Chuck E. Gekas).  He might not be the only Chuck Gekas, but he is uniquely a great person and I'm proud to call him a friend.
We've gone on many roadtrips together, seen many ball games, attended many comic cons and had other random good times.  Not only does he make the trips fun, he often acts as my photographer at the conventions (a thankless job which I greatly appreciate).
We've had many silly discussions on important topics like backup catchers, sports trivia and Seinfeld.  We've also had serious discussions on religion and faith.  I have learned a lot from Cuzz.
When I think of people celebrating birthdays today who have made their mark on this world, I think of John Candy, Michael Landon, Brian Piccolo, Cuzz and Dan Rather.
Aside from featuring Cuzz on Johngy's Beat, I could think of no better way to honor him than with his own invention of the 3-1-1.  Hey, at least I didn't go with Rob Schneider, Deidra Hall, Vanilla Ice, Cuzz and Dave Freisleben.
Happy birthday Cuzz!  I hope it's a great one!
Cuzz Gekas and me in Novi, MI-May 2017.

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Jean Parker said...

Happy belated birthday, Cuzz ..... hope you had a great day!