Monday, October 30, 2017

Friendly Encounters: Dee Snider and Mad Man Pondo

Friendly Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

It always cracks me up to see Mad Man Pondo meeting his favorite celebrities.  It's an interesting juxtaposition to the man who has totally earned his "Mad Man" moniker through his in-ring work.
Pondo is known for his hardcore matches.  I've seen him use stop signs, staplers, bats wrapped in barb wire and other dangerous objects.  Worse yet, he seems to enjoy it when they are used on him.  He can dish out punishment, but he also takes it well.
Then I see the fan (I will not call him a fanboy) who is meeting any of his favorites and he is just a regular guy.  (Okay, maybe not quite regular, as he is still Pondo, but pretty close to regular.)
It really just goes to prove that we all have our interests.  Those of us who attend these comnic cons, all have that certain celeb who we really want to meet.
Look at the picture of Pondo and musical legend Dee Snider.  Pondo looks gleeful (please do not tell him that.)  Of course, Snider was also happy to meet Pondo.
Snider was very happy to meet all of his fans.  In fact, as I previously reported, Snider went above and beyond to satisfy his fans after a storm caused him to be delayed.  Still, this particular meeting brought Snider extra joy.  Pondo is fairly well known in circles outside of wrestling, too.  He's a bit of a legend in his own right.
Pondo is a great guy.  I'm happy to call him a friend.  I'm also happy to see him jump from line to line, just like me at the cons.  Who'd have thought that Pondo and me are a bit alike (please don't tell him that either).
Snider will be appearing at Days of the Dead in Chicago November 17-19.  I don't know if Pondo will also be there, but there is a chance.  Either way, it will be a great time.
Mad Man Pondo and Dee Snider in Indianapolis, IN-July 2017.

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