Thursday, December 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Jim!

Today I celebrate the birthday of the other Gekas brother.  Jim is Chuck's younger brother, although someone once referred to Jim as Chuck's son.  Jim is also one of my closest friends.
Jimmy is one of the nicest people on this planet.  The guy has put up with me for over 20 years.  Seriously, wherever we go, Jim will inevitably make friends with several people within minutes.
We have been across this country on several trips. as well as having great times just at simple lunches at the Village Inn (where my picture hangs disturbingly over us as Jim eats his ahi sandwich).  It's always a good time with Jim, whether we are comparing obscure ballplayers of the 70's or I am tricking him into defending a failed Bears player.
Jim is like a brother and I consider myself lucky to count him as a friend.
Happy birthday Jimmy.  Today, I raise a toast to you!
Jim Gekas in Toronto, Canada-June 2012.


Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday Jim!!
Hope you have a GREAT day!!

Nancy said...

Happy belated birthday Jim.