Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mike Pankow at Wizard World Chicago 2017

I've know Mike Pankow for many years.  Despite the fact he is a grad of St. laurence High School, I still think he's a good guy.  (Just joking...high school rivalries didn't even mean much to me when I was in high school, let alone 35 years later).
Mike is a Sports Copy Editor at the Chicago Tribune.  Anyone who is surviving in the print industry these days earns my respect.  Mike i also the Social Media Coordinator at The Hockey Cup.  Over the years, he has held many positions in print and online media.  He's a talented and genuinely good guy.
Occasionally our paths cross professionally.  Such was the case at the Wizard World convention in Chicago a few months ago.  I don't see how Wizard World fits into the world of sports covered by the Trib, but maybe he was pulling double duty as their Entertainment Correspondent.  Hey, whatever works.  In either case, Mike was present and having fun, as was I.
Mike gets extra points for wearing a Squared Circle tshirt.  The Squared Circle was the restaurant owned and operated by wrestling legend Lisa Marie Varon.  I loved and miss that place.
Wizard World is such a great convention.  Not only do you meet a bunch of interesting celebrities and artists, but you also reconnect with friends you don't see often enough.  
Mike Pankow and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.

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