Saturday, January 27, 2018

David Ortiz Was a Blockhead

JetBlue Park at Fenway South, the Spring Training home of the Boston Red Sox, is a beautiful complex, designed with the real Fenway Park in mind.  JetBlue has the same dimensions as Fenway and a replica of the Green Monster, complete with a manual scoreboard.
Outside the actual ballpark, but within the complex is an area of shops, entertainment and food stands.  This is where I ran into "David Ortiz."
This "David Ortiz" is actually a life-size LEGO statue of the recently retired star.  A little research revealed that it is made up of 34,510 bricks and weighs 170 pounds (less than Ortiz's 230 pounds).  Under the supervision of LEGO master builder Erik Varszegi, it took 290 hours to complete.
It used to be that a player knew he really made it when he appeared on a baseball card.  I love baseball cards, but I have to admit that a LEGO statue would be even cooler.  If someone was willing to put together a Johngy LEGO statue (even just the head), I would definitely buy a pizza and feature you on Johngy's Beat for your efforts
David Ortiz and me in Fort Myers, FL-March 2017.

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Hackenbush said...

I'm not really a Lego fan (don't understand the movie thing) but that's pretty cool.