Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I Experienced "Growing Pains" at REWind Con 2016

Debuting in September of 1985, Growing Pains ran on television for seven seasons.  Life with the Seavers was always fun.  Late last year at REWind Con, I got to spend some time with some of the cast.
Tracey Gold (Carol) is a real sweetheart.  Prior to the event, I had done some promotion on twitter and she retweeted everything.  She even recognized and thanked me when she saw me. 
After I got a picture with her, she asked if I wanted a picture with her former castmates Jeremy Miller (Ben) and Alan Thicke (Dr. Mike).  How could I pass up that chance.  It was almost like being part of the Seaver family.  Johngy Seaver?
Miller and Thicke were really nice, too.  They thanked me (and every other fan) for coming.  They seemed to be having a good time together.
It's hard to believe that show ended almost 25 years ago.  Honestly, these three looked great though.
Sadly, Thicke passed away late in 2016.  I am so glad I got to meet him.  I always advise fans not to miss opportunities to meet their favorites, because you just never know.
Tracey Gold, Jeremy Miller, Alan Thicke and me in Bloomingdale, IL-November 2016.

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Jean Parker said...

That is very cool that you get the chance to meet these actors from some old TV shows!! Who didn't want to be a member of that family!! Wow!!