Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy Birthday Sam Kolb!

Today, I celebrate my niece Sam's birthday!  It's also her first as a married woman.
Sam is such a great young lady.  I could go on and on about all of her great qualities, but I'm going to focus on the picture below.
Look how happy Sam is (Kyle, too).  I love this picture.  Of course, it is their wedding day and people are usually happy on their wedding day, but this was different.  This was special.
It's one thing for the bride and groom to talk about how special the day was, but I will say it, too.  It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony.  The couple wrote and spoke their own vows.  They were funny and loving.  I teared up several times throughout the day.
Sam and Kyle have been together for many years.  They have moved across the country and back.  They have experienced more than most their age and they have come through smiling.  I'm just so happy for them.
Happy birthday, Mrs. Kolb!  I hope it is the best ever!
Sam and Kyle Kolb in Lemont, IL-September 2017.


Jean Parker said...

That is such a nice birthday message!

Unknown said...

Thanks Uncle John! Love you!

Nancy said...

Great tribute and so true. Hope it was a great day