Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dawn Ting and the Windy City Rollers

What started as a one time visit to an event has turned into several years of following the Windy City Rollers.  The flat track derby athletes have captured and held my attention and interest from that first day.
Comprised of four teams during the regular season (Hell's Belles, The Fury, Manic Attackers and Double Crossers), an All-Star travel team Windy City Rollers All-Stars), two other travel teams (Second Wind and Third Coast) and a training team (Haymarket Rioters), the WCR entertains thousands every game.  As I always remind readers, this roller derby is legit sports competition and these ladies are real athletes, who practice virtually all year long.  They still use theatrical names, but the rules are enforced and there is real scoring.
Dawn Ting is one of the veteran skaters.  Wearing #76 and playing for Hell's Belles, Dawn has one of the more intimidating derby names.  Despite the menacing name, Dawn is extremely fan-friendly (like all of the WCR athletes).
One of the coolest parts of any WCR event is seeing the young kids so excited to meet the derby skaters.  There are plenty of older fans, too, including yours truly.
The WCR is back in action Saturday, March 24 starting at 5 pm at the UIC pavilion.  It is the travel team Season Opener and it promises to be a blast.  The fans really get into the action and the logistics of the Pavilion make it very intimate and very loud!
Check out for all of the info on this great sport.  Also, follow Windy City Rollers on Facebook to get updates, news, announcements and other fun stuff.
Dawn Ting and me in Chicago, IL-February 2017.

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