Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The "Or Else" Podcast Episode 10: The Rap

The latest episode of The "Or Else" podcast is now on Soundcloud.  Episode 10: The Rap is a special episode (although, they are all special in their own way).
In this episode, Tommy talks about the origin of his Body Magic rap.  It's a story full of humor and emotion.  It's an important topic, because it represents the first mildly bad experience for Tommy at RPro.
RPro Musical Director Sheri Shaw is a big part of this episode, because she wasn't really a part of the final version of the Body Magic rap, but I'll let you hear the whole story on the episode.
Sheri was one of the first people I contacted in RPro about an interview.  Much like Tommy, she got her shot in RPro without any history in wrestling.  Sheri had success in music and was part of sstaria with Brian Judy, but wrestling themes would be a new challenge.  To her credit, she boldly contacted Billy Corgan, sold herself and asked for the opportunity.
That took tremendous guts and confidence.  Sheri lived up to her promises and came through with entrance music for all of the talent.
The Body Magic rap might have created some tension between Sheri and Tommy and that is a shame.  I understand both sides and to me, it comes down to a bit of miscommunication between all parties involved.  As a good friend of Tommy's (and an occasional confidante), I know Tommy never intended any ill well towards Sheri.  It was all about getting the rap done under the constraints of time.
I can see how Sheri felt uncomfortable with how it played out.  I know Tommy did.  It was two good, well-intentioned people, trying to do their best for RPro and it just got mishandled a bit.
Despite it being a bit of a bad blip in Tommy's RPro story, it was also the beginning of what would become a huge part of his career.  Tommy's (or ESV's) rap was a fan favorite right from the start.
I think Tommy did a good job of telling the story.  Although it has some bittersweet parts, the bottom line is that the Body Magic rap was a major hit.
Sheri was among the folks who departed RPro after Billy's exit.  We'll get to that part of the story down the line though.  Sheri is still with Billy, producing music for his NWA wrestling promotion.
Check out Episode 10: The Rap to hear the latest episode.  Go to The "Or Else" podcast on Soundcloud to hear every episode.
Sheri Shaw, Brian Judy and me in Chicago, IL-May 2011.

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