Saturday, March 31, 2018

Tay Q. Down and the Windy City Rollers

Tay Q. Down is one of the many multi-talented women athletes of the Windy City Rollers. Wearing #33 while skating for Hell's Belles, she was a terror on the track and a real sweetheart off the track. I first had the pleasure of interviewing her a few years back and that interview can be found at On the Beat With Tay Q. Down of the Windy City Rollers. I have also learned that she is an awesome baker and a big fan of the Blackhawks.
TQD is one of the many reasons why I am still following the Windy City Rollers even though I attended my first bout just to cover something different. I found something different and something I really enjoyed.
I learned a lot. The Windy City Rollers compete in legitimate sporting events. Score is kept, rules are enforced and nothing is scripted, except perhaps their colorful names. I also learned how dedicated these athletes are, often practicing virtually all year.
Just as impressive is their dedication to their fans. Often, the stadium is split into fan sections. Everyone has a favorite team, although most cheer for all the teams in general. The fans are rewarded with hustle during the game and hugs and pictures after the bouts. These ladies are great with fans, especially the little ones (or even an older reporter, like me).
The next night of WCR action is Saturday, May 19. It is a travel team bout at the Broadway Armory in Chicago. For more info, head over to and always check here for recurring coverage.
Tay Q Down and me in Chicago, IL-February 2017.

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