Friday, April 20, 2018

Happy Birthday Jean!

Today my sister Jean celebrates her birthday.  As always, I celebrate her here and hope she has a great day.
I can never say enough good things about Jean, nor thank her enough for her unwavering support, love and help.  She always does the little things, like making sure there is plenty of Coke for my visits, but she also does the big things.  Never was this more evident than last February.
I had a fairly intense nose and throat surgery to lessen my sleep apnea attacks.  Jean flew in from Florida, put me up in her house and spent a week nursing me back to health.  I couldn't have done it without her and I dare say, it was actually fun being together.
Of course, it isn't just what she does for me which makes her great.  It's who she is.
Whether together or by phone or text, we share laughs and gripes, good times and bad.  She's a sster, but more importantly, she's a friend.
Happy birthday, Jean.  I love and appreciate you immensely!
Jean and Scott Parker in Lemont, IL-September 2017.


Jean Parker said...

Thanks, love you too.

Nancy said...

Hope your day is great. Love you both.