Monday, May 7, 2018

Friendly Encounters: Dawn Wells and Cuzz Gekas

Friendly Encounters is a regular series featuring friends who have met celebrities.  Today, I continue highlighting some of the fun from my many years going to the Motor City Comic Con.

Cuzz Gekas started joining me on the Motor City Comic Con trip many years ago and has been a mainstay on the trip since then.  I greatly appreciate his valuable help over the years, but more importantly, I appreciate the fun we have together.
Cuzz brings a lot to the table.  We share a love of sports trivia, old television trivia, backup catchers and other silliness.  We are also capable and comfortable with deep conversations on religion and spirituality.  There are a few down times at these cons, while we wait for various events, but Cuzz always makes those times go by quicker.
While he isn't a celebrity chaser like I am, Cuzz will occasionally partake in some celebrity photo opportunities.  One such occasion occurred when we saw Dawn Wells several years ago.
Wells is most famous for playing "Mary Ann on tv's Gilligan's Island.
Wells was very nice when we met her at MCCC 2010.  I had the pleasure of meeting her a few times prior and she was just as sweet each time.  She asked us about our favorite episode and I froze a bit.  I have seen every episode, but I blanked.  I finally said the "pie" episode, which is okay, because that is a very famous episode, but I was disappointed in my stumble.
I have had a lot of great memories with Cuzz on the MCCC trips.  I am especially happy when Cuzz does meet a celebrity who he liked.  I hope he continues the trips with me and I hope we continue to meet our favorites, like Wells!
Check out for info on this year's event, which runs from May 18-20. It will be packed with talented folks from all over the pop culture world!
Dawn Wells and Cuzz Gekas in Novi, MI-May 2010.

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