Wednesday, May 2, 2018

On the Beat With Kevin Matthews for HeroTV

The May episode of HeroTV is now airing on Comcast in the Chicago area and also on the HeroTV YouTube channel. It features radio legend Kevin Matthews.
I was a KevHead from his very first days on Chicago radio. Johnny B., Kevin and Steve and Garry got me through the day. Kev was always my favorite one though. I loved his radio program and also his work in comedy clubs, where I saw him several times. He was just so talented.
Fast forward 30+ years and the Loop is no more. Radio has changed so much. It's barely tolerable these days.
I had read a little about Kev and "The Broken Mary" project and it was a remarkable story. Earlier this year, I saw him speak at a church near me. I was brought to tears by his story.
It's better to hear it directly from Kev, but in short, he developed MC about 10 years ago. Raised a Catholic, Kev was also on a bit of a spiritual journey. It all started to come together when he found a broken statue of Mary at a flower shop, that he was guided to visit. Since then, Broken Mary has changed Kevin's life and the lives of so many. It's a powerful story that needs to be spread.
I told PL about Kevin and Broken Mary and he immediately agreed that we needed to interview him for HeroTV. I contacted Kevin and he eagerly agreed to meet us at St. Anthony's, where the Broken Mary usually resides. (In all honesty, Kevin also offered to meet us in Chicago at some point, but we thought it would be even more poignant to do it there).
Kevin couldn't have been nicer or more gracious. The quick wit is still there, but so is a real calmness. He talked so lovingly about Mary and his experiences. He eschewed talk that it is his story, instead putting the spotlight on Mary. I respectfully disagreed a bit, saying the story was really both of theirs. Kevin might also say it is everyone's story to share.
I can't tell you what this experience meant to me. Listening to Kev for so long and meeting him and having a lengthy interview with him about a topic so important, was a bit surreal, but completely wonderful.
I appreciate Kev for the many years of awesome entertainment. I hope everyone checks out to learn more about the Broken Mary Project.
Check out our interview at HeroTV2018 Kevin Matthews Part 1. Stay tuned for HeroTV 2018 Kevin Matthews Part 2 in June.
PL Myers, Kevin Matthews and me in Grand Rapids, MI-April 2018.

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