Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Ali Cantarella at Motor City Comic Con 2017

Freelance Illustrator, designer and artist Ali Cantarella is a Chicagoan by way of the Detroit area.  A graduate of Columbia College, she has done work for PAWSChicago, Bucktown Arts Fest and The University of Chicago, as well as hundreds of individuals who have commissioned art from her.
For her commissions, Ali does watercolor portraits and ballpoint pens illustrations.  All are beautiful, but I found the watercolors particularly interesting.  She uses coffee, tea and ink, as well as the watercolors, to create unique images.
Ali also is the creator of The Hasty Pastry, an episodic comic.  The Hastry Pastry focuses on Cat, who works at a bakery and strives for a promotion.  Of course, "crazy customers, frustrating managers, ridiculous fellow employees and a cute dog" are all part of the wacky days at the shop.
The Hastry Pastry deals with friendships, responsibility,. work, ethics and other important topics in a fun and colorful way.  It's great for, but not limited to kids.  Anyone can enjoy the stories and everyone will love the artwork.
Head over to Cantarella.ink and TheHastryPastry.com for more info about Ali.  You can also check out Ali Cantarella on Amazon to buy The Hasty Pastry.
Be sure to check out MotorCityComicCon.com for the latest info, including the guest list. I'll be "On the Beat" all three days (May 18-20) and I hope to see many friends!
Ali Cantarella and me in Novi, MI-May 2017.

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