Thursday, May 24, 2018

The "Or Else" Podcast: Episode 18: Girl Girls Girls

The latest episode of The "Or Else" podcast is on SoundCloud. Episode 18: Girls Girls Girls is jam-packed with all sorts of fun stuff.
Tommy Else and I discuss the Second Annual Samuel J. Thompson Tournament, which featured eight woman battling for a spot on the Resistance Pro roster. The night also included a Battle Royal, Tommy's record-setting match and much more.
This night also represented my biggest accomplishment within the RPro world. I facilitated the appearance of the Legends Football League champion Chicago Bliss.
I had been covering both the Bliss and RPro and it seemed like a great opportunity to merge both worlds and do a little cross-promotion. It was especially timely, considering this event featured the women's tourney.
I approached Tommy, then the Baron brothers, then Bliss coach Keith Hac and everyone loved the idea. The Bliss players also were excited about the possibility.
Most of the team was able to arrive early and mingle with the fans. Both RPro and the LFL had stated that the team would not get involved with actual wrestling, although the plan was for the Bliss to be part of the group of women surrounding the ring (aka lumberjills) for the tournament final. That part went well, but the overall plan went out at the end, when the Bliss ended up in the ring in a sort of standoff with some of the RPro women.
I was very nervous heading into the event, hoping all would go well. It actually went better than I could have hoped. I think everyone had a great time. The Bliss players were awesome all night and I think some really wanted to mix it up in the ring.
Sometimes things just all fall into place. This was one of those nights. This was one of the best nights I ever had at an RPro event.
This was the first of a few crossover events between the Bliss and RPro. There was a real energy there between the two and the fanbases overlapped. It seemed like a natural fit and it was.
Check out The "Or Else" podcast Episode 18: Girls Girls Girls on SoundCloud. If you missed any older episode or want to hear all of them again, you can check the main page of The "Or Else" podcast on SoundCloud.
Kira Brabeck, Aubrey Nelson, Jess Price, Emma Kuhns, Jori and me in Willowbrook, IL-February 2014.

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