Saturday, July 28, 2018

Cards That Never Were: Johngy 2018 Topps

Recently I wrote about taking batting practice with the Chicago Bandits. It was a lot of fun, but the fun didn't end there.
A couple days ago, I checked Facebook and was pleasantly surprised to see myself on a 2018 Topps baseball card, thanks to Lynn Phelps from the Custom Baseball Cards group on Facebook.
Lynn is an administrator and huge contributor to the group. His recreations and new creations are incredible. He has helped me several times on my Celebrity Jersey Cards project.
For baseball card enthusiasts like me, it always drove me crazy when a player didn't appear in a specific baseball card set. Lynn rights that wrong by creating a virtual card for that player in that set. I also disliked the infamous "airbrushed" cards for players who were traded leaving Topps without an updated photo. Lynn also fixes that situation, often using pictures that I had never even seen.
In short, he is a maestro of the card creation and he is very generous in helping others with their requests. Going way above and beyond though, Lynn made this Topps card for me as a total surprise. I really appreciate his effort and I thank him big time.
You can check out all of Lynn's creations, as well as creations from many others, including a few by me, at Custom Baseball Cards on Facebook. It's a fantastic group full of fun pictures and great memories of cards throughout the years.

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