Friday, July 6, 2018

Jourdan and the Chicago Bandits

Born and raised in a Chicago suburb, Jourdan Skirha played softball all through high school. She continued her softball career at Drexel, where she also earned a degree in Sport Management.
As an intern for the Chicago Bandits, Jourdan managed and operated game day experiences. She would have to handle groups or games doing stuff between the innings and after the games. She was one busy lady.
Last offseason, the Bandits announced that Jourdan accepted a position as Director of Game Day Operations and Promotions. Bandit Nation was very proud and happy for Jourdan. She worked very hard in her previous roles and was always helpful to everyone. Best fo all, she did it with a smile all of the time.
She was an excellent and natural choice to continue and grow in that role. It's an exciting opportunity for her, too. In short, it is a great fit. Bandit Nation should enjoy Jourdan while she is here, because she is destined for big things in her future.
She is a great example of the quality people I have met through the Bandits. Getting to know the players, staffers and fans has been a wonderful experience.
I really appreciate all that Jourdan has done for me with team pictures and dealing with us in ther bullpen area. I wish her luck in her new role and in her future.
Jourdan Skirha and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.

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