Saturday, July 7, 2018

On the Beat With the Chicago Bandits 2018 (Interviews Part 3)

I was back "On the Beat" with the Chicago Bandits for "Stars and Stripes" weekend. As you can see, the Bandits wore special jerseys, which were auctioned to raise money for Salute Inc., anon-profit organization that provides fiancial support for our military men and women. I interviewed Sammy Marshall, Emily Crane and Rachele Fico.
The Bandits are 19-6 in 2nd place, trailing the Pride at 24-1 in 1st place. As expected, the NPF season is shaping up to be a 2 team race. There are a lot of games to be played, but things look good for the Bandits to be playing for the championship on their home field in Rosemont.
The interviews were a mixed bag of fun. This was our 5th interview with veteran Sammy, but we still have plenty of good topics to discuss and superfan (and future Bandit) Kenzie Parker contributed a couple questions as usual.
This was our 2nd interview with Emily. We talked a little softball (University of Missouri and NPF) and a little bit of graphic design.
We got our first interview with NPF veteran Rachele Fico. We talked about her outstanding high school career (26 perfect games), coaching and more.
I hope you enjoy these interviews, learn a bit more about the elite athletes and are entertained. I thank Media Relations Director Jason Lowenthal for facilitating these interviews. I thank Sammy, Emily and Rachele for their time and consideration. I thank Bandit Nation for their continued support. I thank Mark Pandocchi for his video work and Kenzie Parker for her contributions.

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