Friday, July 20, 2018

Ninette and Sacred Heart Memories

I remember the first time I saw Ninette. I was in the 6th grade at Sacred Heart School and she was introduced to our class as the newest student, having been at Marsh Public School until then.
Ninette was as cute as could be. I might have had a bit of a crush on her (okay, no might...I did). Somehow, we had neighboring desks several times over the next 3 school years. I swear I did not arrange that, but I did enjoy it. We had a lot of fun for those years.
I occasionally also saw Ninette when I was by my grandmother's house. Her grandmother lived in the same area.
After our class graduated from Sacred Heart, we went to different high schools. I rarely saw her anymore after that and probably saw her for the last time in 1981.
Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, I have gotten back in touch with many of my old Sacred Heart school mates. Ninette was one of the last ones I found.
She was living in northwest Indiana, about 90 minutes from me. I knew I wouldn't be in that area often, but since it is on the way back from Days of the Dead in Indianapolis, I figured that would be a great time to see her. It would also be her birthday.
As soon as I walked into the restaurant, we fell into a huge, warm hug. It had been around 37 years since I last saw her. On one hand, it felt like a day and on the other it felt like a lifetime (or maybe half of a lifetime).
How do words properly summarize that feeling? They don't. Fortunately, a picture does. The picture below says it all.
Ninette Giacomelli and me in Crown Point, IN-June 2018.

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Jean Parker said...

Such a great story .... love reconnecting with old school mates!