Sunday, July 22, 2018

On the Beat With the Chicago Bandits (Interviews Part 6)

The Chicago Bandits are firmly in second place with a record of 28-7. They trail the first place USSSA Pride by 5.5 games, but they do have 3 more games at home against the Pride. First place is not out of the question, but either way, it will be these two teams when the NPF championship series starts in mid August.
I was back "On the Beat" Friday and I interviewed shortstop Abby Ramirez, pitcher Ally Carda, infielder DJ Sanders and pitcher Shelby Turnier. Again it was a nice mix including a rookie (DJ), second year Bandit (Abby), a second year NPF, a first year Bandit (Ally) and a veteran (and 2016 NPF championship series hero Shelby).
Each athlete brings something interesting and different to the interviews. These world class athletes have played all over the world with different dreams, goals and futures and all landed here in Chicago for the 2018 season.
Once again I thank Director of Media Relations Jason Lowenthal for facilitating these interviews. I thank the Bandits organization for the opportunity and access. I thank the elite athletes for their time and consideration. I thank Bandit Nation for the continued support. I thank Mark Pandocchi for his fine video work always.
There are still 3 more home games (August 10-12) for the Bandits. The NPF championship series starts Thursday, August 16 and is a best of 5 on successive days as needed.
Go to for more info, updates and scheduling. You can also check the Bandits Facebook page for timely updates and fun stuff. Of course, I'll have continual coverage here as always!

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