Thursday, September 6, 2018

Devon Brown and the Cleveland Comets 2018

Devon Brown was an outstanding pitcher for the University of Southern Alabama. She was selected by the Cleveland Comets with the 20th pick in the 2018 National Professional Fastpitch draft.
The Comets and Devon had a tough year. They finished in last place in the NPF iwth a record of 19-38. Devon went 3-18 with an ERA of 5.38. 
Devon, the Comets and the fans deserved better than the 2018 season. Last year, the Comets were the Akron Racers, playing in an upgraded stadium with a loyal, long term fan base and a passionate owner. Strange things sometimes occur in the NPF and the Racers morphing into the Comets was certainly strange.
Former Racers owner Joey Arrieta has already been rumored to be trying to secure a new Racers team for Akron. She has a lot of support behind her, but who knows what will happen?
For the 2018 season, the NPF was really a 2 team league. The Bandits and the USSSA Pride were destined for the championship series right from the start. I honestly do not se that changing. The other teams will be jockeying for the other lower positions.
There never is shame in competing at the highest level, but I wonder how long players like Brown will stay in the league if they realize they really have no chance at a title. I don't know how to fix this problem of league instability and unbalanced talent.
I love this league and I respect the players immensely. I hope for long term viability and success of the league and, dare I dream, expansion.
For more info on the NPF, check out Of course, you can also find plenty of NPF coverage here on Johngy's Beat.
Devon Brown and me in Rosemont, IL-June 2018.

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