Wednesday, September 5, 2018

On the Beat With Mike Avella of Murray Bros. Caddyshack at Wizard World 2018

Today's interview came courtesy of Wizard World host Kato Kaelin. While I was jumping in and out of his bits with the attendees, he introduced me to Mike Avella, the GM at the newly opened Murray Bros. Caddyshack restaurant in Rosemont.
The first Caddyshack restaurant opened in 2001 in St. Augustine, FL. With a motto of "Eat, Drink and Be Murray," the restaurant pays homage to the legendary movie fo the same name, while also capturing the spirit of the famed Murray family.
Murray Bros. Caddyshack Rosemont is located adjacent to the Crowne Plaza on River Road, although the actual address is 9546 Balmoral. You can enter via Balmoral or through the Crowne Plaza.
The menu is filled with appetizers, salads, burgers and more, some with Caddyshack-related names, but all with great appeal. I heard the George Calamari and the crabcakes were excellent. I have not been there yet, but it is at the top of my list. I will be there very soon, especially since Mike so kindly promised me 2 beers!
Murray Bros. Caddyshack is part of the impressive growth of Rosemont. It is totally a destination place these days. It is a great alternative for conventions, too, instead of Chicago.
Right in the middle of the frenzied first day at Wizard World, Mike was kind enough to give a few minutes of his time to talk to me about Caddyshack.
After you check out the video, be sure to check out for more info on Murray Bros Caddyshack.

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