Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Johngy's Beat Shirt: Mickie Knuckles

Mickie Knuckles has been wrestling since 2003. She has wrestled in many organizations in many countries, including Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. She as very popular and successful on the indy scene. She also proved herself to be as tough as they come.
She came into Resistance Pro and eventually won the Women's title. She always had great matches in RPro. She was a proud champ for RPro.
I had already been a fan of hers prir to her coming to RPro. I was excited to see her up close and to have an interview with her. She never disappointed.
Mickie left wrestling for a while to have a baby, but she came back in 2016. She continued wrestling on the indy scene. Earlier this year, she debuted at The Resistance as part of the "Death Becomes Her" event, which she won. I am hoping this leads to her comning to The Resistance for some matches.
During her time in RPro, Mickie was kind enough to model my shirt. It's a cool day when you get the stamp of approval from Mickie! She's a legend!
Mickie Knuckles in Indiana-December 2013.

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