Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Kato Kaelin Loves Johngy's Beat

This was the second year I did some work with Kato Kaelin at Wizard World. Kato performed the duties of convention host and I occasionally was part of his act.
Last year, I was blown away by Kato's performance as host at Wizard World. He was charismatic, entertaining and upbeat the entire weekend.
Was that a one hit wonder? Would Kato come back and would he be just as good?
Kato did come back and he was even better. I saw him sing and conduct karaoke, do slight of hand magic, ask trivia off the top of his head and generally entertain young and old every day. I have never seen anything like it.
After joining him for a bit in the lobby area, I asked Kato for a Johngy's Beat promo. Again, he went above and beyond. He owed me nothing. He didn't have to do anything. Yet he did.
I applaud Wizard World for bring in Kato. I applaud Kato for being incredible. For more info on future shows, check WizardWorld.com. You never know when Kato might appear again. 


Jean Parker said...

Wow, wow ... can't believe you met Kato!!

Fuji said...

Wow. Cool to see he's still around for his fans.