Saturday, September 1, 2018

On the Beat With Genese Davis at Wizard World Chicago 2018

At Wizard World Chicago 2018, I had the pleasure of catching up with my author friend Genese Davis. I first met Genese at Wizard World a couple years ago.
I was intrigued by her book "The Holder's Dominion." It's main character is a young female who enters the world of gaming and finds herself in a thriller balanced between the magical world and the real world. There are a lot of elements at play, but they mesh smoothly to form a fantastic read.
I met Genese at her booth at Wizard World and heard she had a major scoop. We then did an interview prior to one of her many panels. I'll let Genese reveal the big news in the video below.
Genese is very talented, energetic, positive and so sweet. I love finding new authors and following them. Sometimes, we even become friends. I am happy to continue to follow Genese's career and I look forward to her big news becoming a reality!
Check for more info. Also, check back here for recurring coverage of Wizard World and updates on Genese.

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