Thursday, September 27, 2018

Reality and Ravinia

The newest episode of The "Or Else" podcast is now on SoundCloud. In Episode 27: Reality and Ravinia, Tommy Else and I discuss the early stages of the RPro reality show and being on stage at Ravinia with Billy Corgan and our RPo friends.
Filming had begun on the reality show which was to be aired on AMC. Things were very hectic for Billy Corgan, the Baron brothers and the RPro wrestlers. I was on the fringe of the chaos.
One of the coolest and most surreal moments came when Billy invited a bunch of the RPro roster, including me, to join him at Ravinia. Even though I was involved in RPro, I would never imagine I would be on stage with Billy and the group.
The day started with entrance to a private parking area literally a few hundred feet from backstage. The RPro gang met on the Ravinia grounds and we were led to a room where Billy was giving an exclusive pre-show performance to some VIP guests. At the end, he gathered us around and informed us we would be joining him on stage for a song. He guided us through "Of a Broken Heart" for a little practice.
After that, we all enjoyed an afternoon soaking in the Ravinia atmosphere before the actual show began. As the show started, we took our seats and waited for the cue to join him on stage.
Towards the end of the show, we got called to go backstage to the green room, where we waited for the introduction from Billy. As Billy called us on stage, the bunch of us split up and entered from both sides. I was far stage left.
I admit, I never knew "Of a Broken Heart" before that night, but fortunately, Billy didn't count on me singing lead. I was able to sing (quietly) along with the chorus.
It was so odd looking into the crowd of thousands. What was I doing up there and how did I get there?
The song ended and we went backstage again and enjoyed some food in the green room. None of us could believe what happened. It was unreal.
Tommy and I go into more detail on this night on Episode 27: Reality and Ravinia. You can also listen to earlier episodes of The "Or Else" podcast on The "Or Else" main page on SoundCloud. While you are there, you should check out "Jesse Unplugged" and "Losing Friends," Tommy's other podcasts. They are vastly different, but equally entertaining.
Billy Corgan, RPro wrestlers and me in Highland Park, IL-August 2014.

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