Thursday, November 1, 2018

HeroTV 2018 Episode 11: Svengoolie Rich Koz

The newest episode of HeroTV is now on Comcast. HeroTV 2018 Episode 11: Svengoolie features th legendary horror host, Chicago icon and all-around great guy Rich Koz (aka Svengoolie).
Paul and I (and a small group of our HeroTV crew) met Rich at the WCIU studios in Chicago. Paul and I were both looking forward to interviewing Koz, especially on the famous set. This was about as cool as it gets.
Producer Jim Roche and Rich greeted us as we entered the sacred ground. I saw the iconic casket, the rubber chicken, signs for Berwyn and all of the other staples of the Svengoolie show. We chatted for a bit and then sat down for the interview I had anticipated for over a year.
Rich was as nice as could be, answering our questions with humor and insight. The 25 minutes flew by. At one point, I stumbled on my question, because I was a bit in awe of him and where I was. I have interviewed hundreds of celebrities and met even more. There have been very few times I have ever been tongue-tied, but this was one of those times.
Svengoolie goes beyond the horror fans. Rich and Sven have been doing this for 40 years. His fame goes well beyond Chicago, but he would certainly be on the Mt. Rushmore of Chicago television.
We'd like to thank Svengoolie Rich Koz for his time, consideration and friendship (not to mention years of entertainment). We also thank producer extraordinaire Jim Roche and the entire WCIU family for their hospitality.
You can check out the HeroTV YouTube channel for HeroTV 2018 Episode 11: Svengoolie Rich Koz. I hope you enjoy watching this one as much as we did filming it.
Paul Myers, Rich Koz and me in Chicago, IL-October 2018.

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