Friday, December 21, 2018

Happy Birthday Jim!

Today I celebrate the birthday of Jim, the second Gekas brother having a birthday this month. It's only chronological though, lest brother Chuck forever tout that his birthday feature comes first. Yes, we are all that petty, although Jim claims it is only because Chuck and I draw him into our world of pettiness.
Today isn't about pettiness. It is about featuring a dear, long time friend who was born on this date  just a month or so before I appeared on this planet. (Ooops, there I go with pettiness again.)
Petty or not, Jim is a great person. He's been like a brother to me. I am very fortunate in that I have a handful of friends I know will always have my back and Jim is certainly at the front of that line. I think (and hope) he knows I return that sentiment.
We've had many serious discussions and probably more silly ones, but they are always entertaining to me. We've had a lot of great times over the years. We've closed down a few buffets along the way, too.
Ever humble Jim isn't much for the spotlight. He doesn't make a big deal about his birthday. Still, I say, aww come on Jim, whoop it up today. You deserve it.
Happy birthday Jimmy. Enjoy your day!
Louie, Chuck, me, Jim, Cuzz and Jason in Denver, CO-June 2018.

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Jean Parker said...

Happy belated birthday Jim ... hope you enjoyed your day.