Thursday, December 27, 2018

Kevin Matthews Loves Johngy's Beat

Earlier this year, we interviewed Chicago radio legend Kevin Matthews. Kev talked to us about his career, his battle with MS, the Broken Mary project and much more. You can watch the 2 part interview at HeroTV 2018 Episode 5: Kevin Matthews Part 1 and HeroTV 2018 Episode 6: Kevin Matthews Part 2.
I was a regular listener to Kev and a confirmed KevHead. I enjoyed his show and his comic appearances around the area. Kev has had a great career, but unfortunately radio changed. He eventually moved back to Grand Rapids, Michigan and has keep busy. His life took a sad turn when he was diagnosed with MS, but it took a beautiful turn when he found the Broken Mary, which would be such a huge part of his life since.
I really appreciate Kev for his time and his years of entertainment. You can learn more about Kev at and on the Kevin Matthews page on Steve Dahl's site.

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