Friday, December 28, 2018

Tai Emery Loves Johngy's Beat

My coverage of the Legends Football League usually focuses on the Chicago Bliss, but today, I am featuring Tai Emery, a former LFL star player for the Queensland Brigade (Australia), the Las Vegas Sinn and the Los Angeles Temptation.
An all-star and one of the most popular players in the LFL, Tai has also done some modeling. More recently she shifted gears and started training for MMA.
Last year, Tai was kind enough to send a shout out to us here at Johngy's Beat. While doing cleanup on my files, I realized I had not featured this promo video yet. Tai's voice needs to be heard and her fans always are happy with more Tai!
With her charisma, athleticism and dedication, I have no doubt that Tai will do well in whatever field she chooses. I am sure we will be seeing more of Tai in the future and I will certainly cover her career as it continues to develop. 
We thank Tai for her kindness and we wish her well. Be sure to follow Tai Emery on Twitter.

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