Saturday, December 15, 2018

Penn in Las Vegas

I have been a fan of Penn and Teller for a long time. When it was decided that our group was going to the Penn & Teller show in Las Vegas, I immediately was in on it. Then I found out there was a meet and greet for all after the show and I was really excited.
Penn and Teller are elite magicians, but they are also irreverent and highly entertaining. They have performed together since 1975. They have had success on stages all over the world, including their current residency at the Rio. They have had a successful television show and a run on Broadway. They have done all there is to do, yet they keep doing more.
Penn Jillette graduated from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. He has incorporated those skills into the act many times. That shouldn't misdirect anyone (to use Jillette's phrasing). His magic skills are elite. If I had to split hairs, I would say Teller is more of a master of sleight-of-hand, while Penn is more of the overall entertainer. Together, they are magic (pun intended).
Immediately after the show ended, Jean and Sam raced to the back to lock in our positions to meet the duo. They are the best! They knew I really wanted to meet Penn and Teller and they assisted big time in that effort.
Penn was very friendly and coordinated the fan pictures, as there was no real line. It went smoothly and pretty quickly.
I resisted the urge to ask about his red fingernail. It wasn't really the right situation to get into that. I was happy to end on a high note with my pictures safely in hand.
I wrote about our experience online for Global Traveler at Penn & Teller at the Rio. Tomorrow, I feature Teller here.
Sam Kolb, Penn Gillette, Kyle Kolb and me in Las Vegas, NV-November 2018.

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Jean Parker said...

It was a great show!!