Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Crescent City Saint

Michael Bradley is another friend I met through Resistance Pro Wrestling. Michael filled many roles at RPro, including event security and fledgling wrestler.
Nicknamed "The Crescent City Saint," MB really wanted to wrestle and actually did get into a couple matches at RPro. Unfortunately for him, it didn't really work out for him in RPro, but he also did wrestle a bit elsewhere.
A big guy, Mike was very athletic. He first caught my eye doing a kip up. That's basically rocking/jumping up from a prone position. It's a pretty impressive move for anyone, especially a man of his size.
He was also a big fan of comic cons and I met him at many over the years. He usually woked security at the cons and then roamed the floor as a fan when he was off duty. It was always good seeing Big Mike.
MB was a big family man, With his wife and two cute daughters, Team Bradley was a heartwarming site always. It was sad to see the Bradley family move to New Orleans (the Crescent City), but I was happy for them.
Team Bradley is doing well in New Orleans. They are missed in Chicago, but we all wish them well. Hopefully someday our paths will cross again.
Michael Bradley and me in Chicago, IL-April 2017.

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