Saturday, February 9, 2019

Bobby Hull at Chicago Auto Show 2018

The Chicago Auto Show is here. Starting today and running through February 18, the CAS will fill McCormick Place with vehicles, auto products and celebrities. Leading up to that great event, I am presenting some of my favorite moments from last year's CAS.
Chicaho Blackhawks Hall of Famer Bobby Hull is always a popular guest wherever he goes. The CAS 2018 was no exception, as fans started lining up several hours prior to his scheduled appearance time.
Hull was in his usual happy mood. He seems to really enjoy meeting fans. I think Hull is happy to be embraced again by the Blackhawks organization and the fanbase. It was a bit of a rocky road at times, but all seems to be good between Hull and the Hawks.
The Hawks famously lost Hull to the WHA's Winnipeg Jets. Then when the WHA merged with the NHL the Hawks missed the chance to welcome him back to the team. Finally, the Hawks did not bring Bobby's son Brett to Chicago when they had the opportunity. Despite the three strikes, Hull and the Hawks eventually did patch up the relationship and things have gone good since.
Legends like Hull need to be a part of the organization. I think the legends need it as much as the teams do. I certainly know the fans want it, as witnessed every time I see Hull at any of his appearances.
The celebrity lineup has not yet been announced for this year's CAS, buty you can go to for more info. You can also follow the Chicago Auto Show on Facebook and the Chicago Auto Show on twitter for updates, scheduling and more info.
Bobby Hull and me in Chicago, IL-February 2018.

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Jean Parker said...

So nice to meet a legend in history!!